for green and dry trimming.

• Equipment to be coupled in front of tractors equipped with front hydraulic powerlift, or to the flange coupling for those tractors not supplied with front power-lift.
• It is also possible to mount a separate hydraulic system or use the tractor hydraulic system, equipped witha 30 lt pump, at least.
• The edge trimmer is equipped with an hydraulic distributor suited for:
- the operation of hydraulic powered engines
- the side transverse of frame
- tilting the mowing head
- regulating the height of mowing unit.
• It is equipped with a vertical mowing bar 1.800/2.100 mm.
• It is fitted for mounting horizontal bars, as well as a shoot conveyor, according to work demand.

The machines are manufactured entirely in our factory in Monzambano (Mantova) Italy. Features, dimensions and
weights are indicative. The Firm Tomenzoli reserves itself the right to modify them without notice.

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